Learning Together, Living Together

Building shared society. One school, one community at a time. 

Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel is building inclusive society, partnership and equality through a network of integrated, bilingual schools and shared communities of children, youth and adults throughout Israel.

Founded in 1997, Hand in Hand's success and longevity demonstrate that children, families and entire communities of Jews and Arabs in Israel can live and work together with mutual respect and friendship.

Jews and Arabs — learning together, living together — and changing the world together. 

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Our Stories

REBECCA BARDACH, Hand in Hand director of resource development and strategy, delivered the following speech Nov. 10 at General Assembly 2013, the annual conference of Jewish Federations of the United States and Canada. The conference was held this year in Jerusalem and attended by more than 2,000 people. In her...
Reflections on a summer spent working at Project Harmony day camp, by volunteer RENEE BARASCH
ADI ITAMARI is a Jewish mom whose daughters are enrolled or have graduated from  Hand in Hand's Wadi Ara elementary school in the Arab town of Kfar Kara. On the occasion of Memorial Day 2013, she reflects on how the school has fostered understanding and love for humanity in her children's hearts.