Building Shared Society in Israel

Hand in Hand brings together thousands of Jews and Arabs in six schools and communities throughout Israel. In Jerusalem. In the Galilee. In Wadi Ara. In Tel Aviv-Jaffa. In Haifa. In Tira & Kfar Saba. With many more continually joining. We are proving on a daily basis the viability of inclusion and equality for all citizens of Israel.

While we are now in 6 cities, we have only just begun the real effort of making this a viable choice available to all. We hope you will remain with us as we continue to build Hand in Hand’s schools and communities.

Donate here if you who wish to continue building with us. Every contribution enables us to do more, and adds voice and strength to our efforts.

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Our Stories

Hallel and Haneen grew up 10 minutes from each other in Jerusalem, but only met as teachers in the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School. This year they are 9th grade co-teachers and they shared their story at the shared Memorial Day Ceremony last week, with hundreds of students, teachers, families, and alumni:  
March 8th, 2018  For International Women's Day, we are celebrating women leaders at Hand in Hand. Shada Edress Mansour is the community organizer in the newest community in Kfar Saba and has been a leader in making gender equality a priority in Hand in Hand schools and communities. 

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