The ABCs of Our Educational Model

ACADEMICS Hand in Hand is committed to academic excellence. Our curriculum extends beyond state requirements — offering small classes, quality art and music instruction, technology education, leadership training, and a creative approach to learning that attracts families from a broad cross-section of Israeli society. 

BILINGUALISM Hand in Hand students are taught in Hebrew and Arabic by teachers speaking their native languages — with the goal of enabling them to speak, read and write fluently in both languages. By third grade, children are also learning English.

CIVICS While most Israeli schoolchildren study democracy as an academic subject, Hand in Hand's students learn it through experience. In daily interactions, students learn to live with difference, complexity and even contradiction. They develop the ability to be flexible, solve problems, make themselves heard, and listen respectfully to others. Pluralism, equality and the democratic process are more than subjects: they are a way of life. The microcosm of society at the classroom level is a constant reference point for theoretical studies in the foundations of civil society.

DIVERSITY Multicultural programming familiarizes students with the rich traditions of Jews, Muslims and Christians in a way that arouses curiosity and encourages tolerance. Students celebrate the holidays and study the historical perspectives of their classmates. They learn the shared values and teachings of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian traditions — responsibility for the needy, helping others, welcoming guests, abolishing oppression, caring for the earth, and much more — through ancient stories, sayings and teachings.

EDUCATING THE WHOLE COMMUNITY A Hand in Hand education extends well beyond the walls of the classroom: It is a family and community venture. School steering committees include representatives from local volunteer organizations and municipal governments, ensuring a flow of information and ideas from the school to the wider community, and vice versa. The schools host programs that promote coexistence, including lectures, film series, Arabic language classes, dialogue groups, and seasonal and holiday events; these are open to parents and the wider public.

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