INTEGRATED CLASSROOMS Most schools in Israel are segregated. This results in ongoing hostility and misunderstanding between Arab and Jewish citizens. Hand in Hand's public schools, by contrast, build friendship and cultural understanding. We educate about 1500 Jewish and Arab children — Muslims, Jews, Christians and Druze from 20 different communities — together in the same classrooms.

BILLINGUALISM, MULTICULTURALISM & EQUALITY Arab and Jewish students learn both Hebrew and Arabic from teachers speaking their native tongues. Differences in culture, religion and historical viewpoint are discussed openly. Arab and Jewish staff work together to teach tolerance, respect and coexistence.

PROVING THAT EDUCATION CAN TRANSFORM A SOCIETY When Arab and Jewish children learn together, they break the cycle of negative stereotypes and learn to relate to one another with mutual understanding and respect. Hand in Hand’s extraordinary model provides a clear and simple example that Jews and Arabs can study, work and live together in peace.

BUILDING A BROADER COMMUNITY Hand in Hand's community extends well beyond the walls of the classroom, to parents, extended families and neighbors. Thousands of individuals are taking steps every day to transform society and build lasting peace.

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