GRADES: pre-kindergarten through 12th

LOCATION: Jerusalem


Hand in Hand's first school opened in 1998 and is located in the bustling capital of Israel; center of three major religions and a mix of ancient and modern. The school has grown from 20 students housed in one temporary, makeshift classroom, into our largest school, with a high school that has graduated four classes of seniors. 

In January 2008, the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School celebrated the opening of a permanent, new campus, situated in the southern part of the city between the Arab community of Beit Safafa and the Jewish neighborhood of Patt. The Jerusalem Foundation raised funds from European sources — including major donor Max Rayne, the namesake — for the impressive buildings and courtyards. 

The school's 624 students form a microcosm of Jerusalem's urban diversity, hailing from Jewish and Arab neighborhoods all over the city. The student body is ethnically and religiously diverse — Arab Christian, Muslim, Armenian Christian, Jewish secular, Jewish traditional, and more. Arab students come from old Jerusalemite families, and from families whose parents migrated from the Galilee to attend university. Jewish students are the grandchildren of Palmach fighters and Holocaust survivors, of Russian immigrants and Sephardic Jews. Socioeconomic backgrounds range from doctors and accountants to taxi drivers and small-business owners. 

While Jews and Arabs in this densely populated city live very near one another, and inevitably cross paths, few form real or close relationships. At the Hand in Hand school, Jewish and Arab students become close friends, carrying these connections back to their families and neighborhoods.

Hand in Hand is grateful for the Jerusalem Foundation’s ongoing support of the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Bilingual School. This partnership provides a deeply rooted and sustainable framework where Jewish and Arab children engage on a daily basis in a bilingual and multicultural environment that educates for inclusiveness, equality and mutual respect.


What's news in Jerusalem?

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