Hand in Hand at the WeWork Creator Awards, June 2018

Hand in Hand Wadi Ara School on BBC, April 2018 

Hand in Hand Beit Berl Preschool, May 2018 

Hand in Hand graudates, parents, and teachers share their stories

Hand in Hand on Deutsche Welle 

"Every day we learn something new," from Haaretz

2016 High School Graduation video, made by the DEAR Foundation

Channel 10 News about the demand for Hand in Hand's bilingual schools, March 1, 2017

The Max Rayne Hand in Hand Elementary School for Bilingual Education

Channel 1 News: Hand in Hand as an Effective Model for Confronting Racism, September 22, 2016

Hand in Hand at the AFT Conference July 2016

Hand in Hand Building a Shared Society for Jews and Arabs in Israel

Hand in Hand Jerusalem School featured on Channel 2 News, January 2016

Hand in Hand's Wadi Ara School featured on local news, October 2015
















Hand in Hand Jerusalem students create a mural for the US Consulate, June 2015

President Obama speaks about Hand in Hand at the White House Hanukkah Reception, December 2014

Neighbors of Peace - Hand in Hand Wadi Ara community gather weekly on a major highway to stand up for shared living, July 2014

Thousands of Arabs and Jews march in support of the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School after the arson attack in November 2014, chanting "we continue together, without hatred or fear."

Hand in Hand's informational video, August 2013


Hand in Hand old informational video, long version


Hand in Hand old informational video, short version


CNN coverage, Jerusalem school


Hand in Hand community speaks out against war, 2012


Jerusalem sixth graders sing "We Are the World," 2011


Wadi Ara school, 2011


In French: Hand in Hand on Dailymotion, Sept 2011


Wadi Ara school on

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