Tel Aviv-Jaffa



GRADES: Pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade



PRINCIPAL: Anat Itzhaki



As one of our youngest schools, Hand in Hand's Jaffa school was built by a shared community Jewish and Arab adults who were looking to create shared education in Jaffa. Together they gained municipal approval for a Hand in Hand kindergarten for 35 children in September 2013. Since then, the school has grown to 233 children in 2016-17 with many more families on the waiting list. The school includes classes through the second grade, which are integrated into an existing Hebrew-language track school in Jaffa, and community members are still working towards creating an independent Hand in Hand school in the years to come.








In contrast to some other “mixed cities” in Israel, residents are truly integrated in Jaffa. It’s not uncommon to find Christians, Muslims and Jews living together in the same apartment building and sharing neighborly relations. The Jaffa bilingual school responds to the needs of this diverse city and the community of families and supporters who have been working together to reach this goal.

The school is located in a building provided by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality, and is jointly operated and supported by Hand in Hand, the municipality and the Ministry of Education.

Like in all of our schools, the staff includes a mix of Jewish and Arab teachers, and the children learn with Jewish-Arab co-teachers in both Hebrew and Arabic. (read more about our educational model here)



“As parents, we cannot lay the burden of creating a shared future on the shoulders of our children. We, the adults, must lead the way.”  

-Hand in Hand CEO Shuli Dichter

Hand in Hand’s adult communities are an essential way for us to expand our impact beyond the schools and create a broad-base for a shared civil society in Israel. 








There is a vibrant and active adult community in Jaffa who over four years built a thriving preschool and 1st and 2nd grades, and have engaged the broader Jaffa community. 

Some of their programs include:

  • Language classes
  • Family trips Adult
  • Cultural Evening and Lectures
  • Community activism

What's New in Jaffa?

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Hand in Hand's Third Annual Community Activist Retreat February 2017

Community Olive Festival! November 2016

First Day of School! September 2016

Bilingual Arabic-Hebrew 1st-grade class to open in Jaffa  Haaretz, February 2015

Video: Interview with Hand in Hand parents in Jaffa  Seder yom, Reshet Bet, Israeli TV

Bilingual education is like ABC: Education crisis in Jaffa  Haokets, February 2015

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