Tira-Kfar Saba



GRADES: Pre-kindergarten - Kindergarten

LOCATION: Beit Berl Campus


The Tira-Kfar Saba Preschool doubled its numbers in 2016! 

Parents in Tira, Taybe, and Kfar Saba have been working together to build the sixth Hand in Hand school since October 2014. The Preschool opened in September 2015 and has doubled this year, with promise to grow into a full-fledged school in the years to come. 

The school is still a private school housed under the auspices of Beit Berl, and the Berl Katznelson Foundation.  We are also working with Bet Berl to develop an academic training path to train teachers who would be certified to work in the bilingual multicultural school environment that characterizes Hand in Hand schools.  

As in the other Hand in Hand preschools, there will be 2 co-teachers, one Hebrew speaking and one Arabic speaking, who serve as role models for the children. The program is fully bilingual with children playing and singing in both languages. As a result of their daily interactions, the children's language skills in both Hebrew and Arabic grow day by day. They learn about and celebrate Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions and holidays; they learn to be respectful of the other, and become friends.

As the school year progresses, not only are the children creating friendships, but so are their parents. Over the last two years, the community organizer has been working with a small group of activists who are committed to Hand in Hand in order to set up and run events and activities for the community. It is a young, energetic community and we have high hopes for what they will achieve! 


What's new in Tira-Kfar Saba?

Creating a beautiful playground for the students November 2017

Country-Wide Community Event on Mount Carmel! November 2017

First Day of School! September 2017

Panel Discussion on Jewish-Arab Education April 2017

Community Purim Party! March 2017

Mayor of Tira Visits the School! February 2017

Hand in Hand's Third Annual Community Activist Retreat February 2017

Celeberating Tu Bishvat February 2017

Kindergarten Students Watched a Bilingual Play! January 2017

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