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Hand in Hand and the Election

At the Hand in Hand schools, as in society at large, election time tends to raise questions about what society should look like, what we expect of our leaders, and what leadership even means. In our schools, students ask these kinds of questions year round. They learn the values that underpin democracy and the skills to put them into practice.

For example, our middle school students engage in a civics program through which they research political party platforms, and then present these to class. What follows is a thoughtful debate about the differing platforms. Students are actually encouraged to pick parties whose platform they don’t necessarily align with in order to challenge them to better understand opposing points of view. Discussions often lead to new realizations. Most of all, they highlight the importance of listening, understanding, dialoguing, and taking responsibility as an active member of society.

The Hand in Hand schools also operate student-run councils and committees that empower students to take action on issues that matter to them, embodying the very values they learn about in class. These frameworks allow students to explore what it means to be an active, socially responsible and engaged member of the community.

Through these and many other initiatives, the Hand in Hand education equips Jewish and Arab students to engage in Israeli society as socially-responsible, aware and committed adults.


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