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25 Years of Shared Values: Reflections from Hand in Hand's Students, Teachers, Principals, and More...

At Hand in Hand our values and mission are not just empty words or promises; they permeate every aspect of our work—from the education being provided in our schools, to the activities planned in our communities, and the way we operate as an organization.

As we mark 25 years of shared Arab-Jewish education and partnership, we turned to the people who have made our work possible this past quarter of a century, and asked them about the value they feel most represents their time at Hand in Hand.

Enjoy these reflections—which are presented in no particular order—from various teachers, students, staff, principals, and parents across Hand in Hand’s six schools and communities.

1. Multiculturalism

Amal Mattar, Hand in Hand Max Rayne Jerusalem Graduate:

2. Community

Shada Edress Mansour, Director of Hand in Hand’s Communities Department:

3. Dialogue

Gezeel Absawi, Principal of the Haifa Elementary School:

4. Perseverance

Merav Ben-Nun, Founding Haifa Parent and Community Leader:

5. Building Bridges

Duaa Odeh, Co-Teacher of the Hand in Hand Haifa 7th Grade:

6. Discovery

Adam Turel, 3rd Grade Wadi Ara Student:

7. Inclusion

Art Class, Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem Elementary School:

8. Courage

Nadia Kinane, Director of Hand in Hand’s Education Department:

9. Listening

Michael Farjun, Hand in Hand Haifa Preschool Director and Parent:

10. Home

Alexandra Zaslav, Hand in Hand Evaluations and Donor Relations Manager

11. Leadership

Mohamad Marzouk, Hand in Hand Director of Growth Initiatives


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