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A Year in Review—Hand in Hand 2021-22 Year-End Update

This year has brought with it a great deal of challenges alongside opportunities for growth. We are proud to say we leveraged these opportunities, and found new ways of expanding our reach and impact.

Highlights from 2021-22:

  • Continued expansion of our network of 7 bilingual, integrated Jewish-Arab schools and communities, serving over 2,000 students, and over 5,000 community members.
  • Launched new initiatives, such as the Multicultural Training Program, providing multicultural training to non-Hand in Hand preschools serving a diverse cohort of Jewish and Arab children, and the brand new Student Community pilot program, which brought together 12 Jewish and Arab university students to live, learn, and volunteer together in Jerusalem.
  • Hand in Hand was awarded the prestigious 2021 Global Pluralism Award for our work promoting pluralism in Israel.
  • Co-hosted the first ever Knesset (Israeli Parliament) conference on integrated education together with MK Gilad Kariv, who has drafted a bill to standardize shared education.

This has been a big year for Hand in Hand and shared society work in Israel, and we want to take time to celebrate, and thank our students, families, educators, staff, and generous donors for their work and support.

For a detailed account of our progress and achievements this year, read our full 2021-22 Year-End Update below.


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