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Gifts for Special Occasions

Hand in Hand’s mission to build a shared society in Israel is a team effort. Each individual who stands with us strengthens our resolve and inspires us as we continue to build a shared communal life between Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, one school at a time, one community at a time.

We are enormously grateful to those who are marking their special celebrations and life cycle events, such as births, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, or anniversaries, by asking their friends to donate to Hand in Hand. And we thank those who have chosen to remember their loved ones by making a gift in their memory.

Thank you for your commitment, and for helping us a make a difference.

Gifts Made in Honor of Others: 


In honor of Efrat Meyer, from Tony Felzen (New York, NY)

In honor of Maya Brooke Slater, “Welcome to the world, baby Maya! We hope to bring you a love for Israel and a more peaceful world for all. We love you,” from Hannah Kohrman and Joseph Marrama (San Francisco, CA)

In honor of Dan and Jill Ciporin, for their support for Hand in Hand, from Audrey and Robert Bayer (Ashville, NC)

In honor of Naomi Segal and Max Looper, “Mazal tov to an amazing couple, we are happy to have been part of your journey and who would have thought it all started with Hand in Hand,” from Rachel Orbuch (Minneapolis, MN)

In honor of Sasha and Jeremy, from Jeanney Kutner (Atlanta, GA)

In honor of Sue Feinstein, on her 75th birthday, from Rochelle Rottenberg (Minneapolis, MN)

In honor of Shlomo Einstein, wishing health and happiness on his 85th birthday, from Beth Wenger (Philadelphia, PA)

In honor of Shlomo Einstein, happy birthday, from Christine and Chuck Fewell (Hastings on Hudson, NY)

In honor of Kathy and Greg Solomon, for their hard work on social justice matters, from Sue Dodel (New York, NY)

In honor of Jay Rosen, for his birthday, from Doris Cohen (Audubon, PA)

In honor of Julie Bram, for her birthday, from Ira and Marlene Handelman (Los Angeles, CA)

In honor of Robin Pearsall, for her birthday, from Rochelle Ravishankara and Isabel Simon (Pembroke Pines, FL)

In honor of baby Ezra Sadow, here’s to hoping that we can make a more peaceful world for you and all the Jewish and Arab children in Israel, from Hannah Kohrman and Joseph Marrama (San Francisco, CA)

In honor of Rabbi Ian Chesir-Teran and Itamar Haritan, in thanks and appreciation for all they have done this year, from David Yedid (New York, NY)

In honor of Daniel Hittleman, from Margo Hittleman (Groton, NY)

In honor of Deb Soglin, for her birthday, from David and Sarah Spivak LaRosa (Menlo Park, CA)

In honor of Cindy Shulak-Rome, from Ben Rome (West Newton, MA)


Gifts Made in Memoriam:


In memory of Felicia Langer, from Ellen Chapnick (Bronx, NY)

In memory of Hershel Zvi v’Nitzah Kaufner, from Neal Kaufner (New York, NY)

In memory of Alan Bomser, from Morton Cohen (New York, NY)

Gifts Made in Tribute to B’nei Mitzvah


To Shalvah Lazarus (Washington, DC) in honor of her bat mitzvah, Mazel tov and congratulations! From Sarah Gershman (Washington, DC)

To Shalvah Lazarus (Washington, DC) in honor of her bat mitzvah. From Jessica Ellis (Mt. Rainier, MD)

To Merrill, Elana, Amy, Kim, and of all the wonderful PJA staff members who had made Liana and Syvlie’s b’not mitzvah especially meaningful, thank you. From Lisa Katon and Noah Kressel (Portland, OR)

To Shalvah Lazarus (Washington, DC) in honor of her bat mitzvah, mazel tov! From Emma Rous

To Shalvah Lazarus (Washington, DC) in honor of her bat mitzvah, from Marc Schindler


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