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The Kfar Saba "Alef-Beit" Community Celebrates Iftar

Over the past few weeks, hundreds of students, parents, and teachers have participated in Iftar events at Hand in Hand’s seven schools and communities across the country. These events took place in honor of Ramadan, which is the holiest month in Islam.

Ramadan this year also coincided with Passover and Easter, which allowed Jewish, Muslim, and Christian members of our communities to celebrate all three major holidays together. These types of events are at the core of Hand in Hand’s work, and provide us with important opportunities to deepen our knowledge of one another, while strengthening our connection to our own identities, traditions, and religions.

This is what true multiculturalism looks like.

Last week, we sent a film crew to our Kfar Saba “Alef-beit” School to document the Iftar meal and celebration. Students, parents, and staff participated in the event, which also included lively and engaging performances. We spoke to community members and some of our staff, including our very own Shada Edress Mansour, Kfar Saba Community Organizer, who explained the history and significance of various Ramadan traditions.

At the event, Mohammad Kundos, Principal of the Kfar Saba School, spoke, followed by Hand in Hand’s CEO, Dani Elazar.

“The overlap between Ramadan, Passover, and Easter should not be taken for granted. We at the Alef-Beit school have all embarked on a journey. The number of participants here shows everyone’s commitment to be an inseparable part of this journey.”  —Mohammad Kundos, Principal of the Kfar Saba “Alef-Beit” School

“During times of struggle, there are sometimes moments where you can simply let go of everything. I came here, and felt the good spirit, and joy, and love that surrounds us. And in this moment, it is clear that we can create a different reality. Not only can we create it—but we can already see what it looks like. Because what we see here is how society could be in reality. And you are the ones leading it.”Dani Elazar, Hand in Hand’s CEO

Please watch and share this wonderful example of true Jewish-Arab partnership.

Eid Said!


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