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At our Jerusalem campus, students study civics from a younger age than typical public schools within Israel. Whilst civics class is compulsory for middle and high school students, nature of the integrated classroom means that students have a unique opportunity to understand multiple perspectives on difficult social issues.

As a result, in addition to the standard two units of civics classes for high school, we also offer an accelerated five unit course as a regionally accessible elective. The classes come together for 8 shared meetings of 3 hours throughout the year in the form of seminars and excursions. At the end of the program the students will jointly produce a final project. In the al-ezori class, we have students joining from at least five other schools in the region including: Keshet School, the Democratic School, Tzur Bahar School, Makif Gila School, Boyar School, Experimental School and the Or Torah School.

The aims of the civics courses are to learn about civic responsibility and confront complex social issues in Israeli society. We aspire to teach students to become socially aware regarding national issues while understanding multiple perspectives of Israeli citizens.


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