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We are creating real and lasting change in Israel through education. We know we can increase our impact exponentially, but we need your help to get there. Here’s how you can get involved.


Join Israel’s largest movement bringing together Jewish and Arab citizens every day to build a new reality on the ground. Partner with us in this meaningful venture through donating to our work. Every single dollar goes to strengthen foundations for equality and shared society in Israel.

Raise Funds

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, or other special occasion by joining us in creating a more inclusive Israeli society. Invite friends and family to mark the occasion by contributing to building a shared society in Israel, or acknowledge a family member by generating contributions in her or his honor. Along the way, you will also raise awareness by sharing our story with your local community. Talk to us about your special occasion or milestone at info@handinhandk12.org. Click below to see a list of gifts given in honor of special occasions.

Share Our Story

When most people in the world think about Israel, they think about conflict, violence, and despair. Violence can be so loud. Yet there is another story people need to hear about Israel – the story of optimism, collaboration, and progress. This is the story of Hand in Hand. Help spread this story so that more people can know about the thousands of Arabs and Jews in Israel who are building a viable, life-affirming alternative to conflict. Become part of the story of transformation and help us realize the vision for what is possible for Jews and Arabs in Israel. You can join our movement by sharing about our work, amplifying the voices of our thousands of community members.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram @handinhandschools or click below to read and share our stories.

Other Ways To Give

There are many ways to make a financial contribution to support Hand in Hand’s work advancing the vision of a shared society in Israel for Jews and Arabs. You can make a donation from anywhere in the world, create a legacy gift, donate stocks, and many more!

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