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Green School Initiative

The Wadi Ara school is also part of a country-wide “Green School” initiative, with a consistent focus on environmental education. The school also minimizes its use of paper, recycles and composts and has a greenhouse and garden in which the students grow vegetables and herbs.

Through the Green Network, over a hundred schools throughout the country, representing the wide gamut of the Israeli student body – Jewish and Arab, secular and religious, rich and poor, urban and rural – create environmental leadership and implement community-based projects, thus creating a bridge between schools and communities. We believe that these kinds of projects will develop a wider awareness for the environment among the Israeli public.

The Green Schools Network, in cooperation with the Karev Educational Initiatives, can now be found in over 600 schools throughout Israel. The Green School Network’s significant activities have resulted in a deepening of the Ministry of Environment’s commitment to sustainability education, and the expansion of ties between governmental and non-governmental initiatives.


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