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Hand in Hand 12th grade exhibit at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem!

In March 2017, 12th grade art major students presented their final projects at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem. Below are photos of the exhibits on topics such as family, our future, and women’s rights.

“Art is transformative – it gives my students a chance to go through an intellectual and personal process, and learn new ways to express what they think and feel.”

– Efrat Meyer, Art teacher and 12th grade home-room teacher 

Jessica Ibrahim performed a spoken word poem and about finding her voice as a young woman.

” I am going to break my silence and defend my rights.

I am not going to let anyone tell me ‘lower your voice, you’re a girl’.”

Aya Cohen’s art project (pictured above with art teacher Efrat Meyer) is an exploration of how Israelis want the country to look in 20 years, through the lens of her diverse family.

Majd’s painting is of Issawiya, the neighborhood he grew up in in East Jerusalem.

Michal created this painting and projected a video of faces onto it – symbolizing the disparity between our inner and outer worlds.


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