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Discover Hand in Hand's Beit Berl School

WATCH: 3rd Graders Nay and Yuval Give You a Tour of the Beit Berl “Aleph Bet” School

The Beit Berl school is one of Hand in Hand’s fastest growing schools. Located on the verdant Beit Berl College campus, the school serves nearly 120 Jewish and Arab students, pre-K through grade 4, from the “Triangle” region of central Israel, which includes the towns and cities of Tira, Tayibe, Kfar Saba, and Raanana.

Welcoming Jewish, Muslim, and Christian students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, the school provides bilingual education grounded in the values of equality, pluralism, and respect.

Students learn in classes with two teachers—one Jewish, one Arab—each teaching in his or her native language, and modeling equality and partnership. The school operates on a pluralistic calendar that honors the major holidays of all three faiths. Students learn and grow together, embracing their own cultural and religious identities while developing the compassion and understanding to respect those of others.

Mohammad Kundos joined Hand in Hand as principal of the Beit Berl school this year, and is passionate about connecting bilingual, integrated education with humanistic values, the arts, and care for the environment.

Every morning, Mohammad stands by the entrance to the school with his oud (a stringed instrument) and greets each child with a song. Then, students gather around in a morning circle, and say good morning to one another in Hebrew and Arabic.

The Beit Berl school offers a truly magical environment for children to learn and grow together, and for local families to form an equal and shared community.

To support the Beit Berl school and its vibrant community, click here.


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