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Hand in Hand Community Iftar Season is Upon Us — Arabs and Jews Celebrating Together

Every year, each of Hand in Hand’s communities come together for our annual Iftar celebration — a traditional break-fast meal attended by our Arab and Jewish community members. This year, in the spirit of Ramadan, our community members raised money and packed food for those in need, decorated lanterns, participated in a lantern parade, sang and danced, and ate a delicious break-fast meal together.

A roundup of Iftar celebrations across Hand in Hand’s communities

Celebrating Together

In Kfar Saba, hundreds of community members came together on the school lawn for a traditional Iftar meal, followed by a parade of lanterns led al-Musaharati, the person who traditionally beats drums to wake people up to eat their suhoor—the meal eaten at the start of the day, before the beginning of the fast. Participants marched to the sounds of the Jaffa Muslim Scouts Band.

In Jerusalem, dozens of Hand in Hand alumni came together for a festive meal on the roof of the new high school campus, with dazzling views of Jerusalem. They learned how to make Knafeh, a sweet, cheesy dessert, and then danced dabke —a traditional Palestinian dance —together into the night.

The Iftar events this year have been a welcome respite—a moment of light in joy in a particularly difficult and tumultuous time.

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