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Humanistic Education

At our Kfar Saba Campus, children are taught about the importance of humanistic values, including equality, empathy, and treating everyone with respect. Children learn why rules are important in their home, in the classroom, and in society. Teachers read books to the children that are connected to this topic, such as “Laws of the Green Forest,” which explains the importance of taking responsibility for our environment.

Activities that reinforce this theme include making a list of rules and jobs for the classroom. Some of the rules are never hitting, listening when someone else is talking, and taking turns. Some of the jobs are picking up coats that fall on the floor, ordering the shoes at the entrance, helping at lunch time, keeping the outdoor area clean. Each child is assigned a job and the jobs are switched every two weeks. In this way, the school is instilling responsibility in our children from a very early age: both how they act, and for their environment.


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