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"If You Were in Charge, What Would You do?" — Hand in Hand Kfar Saba Students Share

This week, we asked Hand in Hand Kfar Saba 4th graders Salsabil and Evyatar to go around the school campus and ask Jewish and Arab classmates of all ages one very important question: “If you were in charge, what would you do?”

The responses to the question were honest, uplifting, and varied—from wishing for more roads, less traffic, and a school cafeteria, to peace between Jews and Arabs, a clean earth, and an end to animal cruelty.

Several days later, students cast their ballots in a school-wide election, which also coincided with the national elections, which have sadly elevated politicians whose core platforms stand in direct opposition to everything Hand in Hand stands for.

But this does not deter us; it only makes our work and voices more vital than ever before. We are determined to continue leading and expanding the movement for shared education, and spreading our message further afoot.

We hope this video brings you hope and joy at a time when it is most needed.

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