Hand in Hand has been extensively and internationally documented in newspapers and magazines, on radio and tv, through blog posts and more.

Featured Media Pieces: 

WATCH: One Building, Two teachers, and Lots of Hope: Growth in the Bilingual Schools
Kan, Channel 1 News in Israel, May 2018

Preschool of Hope 
Yediot Ahronot, May 2018 (Hebrew version here

WATCH: The Schools Trying to Build Bridges
BBC, April 2018  

LISTEN: Crossing Divides: Israeli School for Both Jews and Arabs
BBC Podcast, April 2018 

Transparent Classrooms and Flexible Planning, the Jewish-Arab School in Jaffa is one of the Most Sophisticated in the City
Haaretz, April 2018 (Hebrew version here

Other Articles, in Chronological Order: 

Where David and Dawud Play Together at Recess
Israel21c, September 2018

"Bilingual School" in Jerusalem: How Jews and Arabs learn together (Russian) 
NewsRU, June 2018 

WATCH: Who Owns Jerusalem? 
Deutsche Welle, May 2018 

Bringing in the Light: Condemning Price Tag Attacks Is Both the Right and Smart Thing to Do
Israel Times, February 2018 

There is a rare school in Jerusalem where Jews and Arabs learn together two different languages ​​and history (Finnish) 
YLE, January 2018 

Bilingual Schools in Israel: Ivory towers under conflict, or a new hope (Chinese)
The Paper, January 2018 

Hand in Hand - in the midst of the conflict in Israel (Norwegian) 
Frifagbevegelse, December 2017 

After high school, teens around the world share hopes and fears
ABC Australia, December 2017 

Against all odds, this school brings Israelis and Palestinians Together
The London Globalist, December 2017 

Who owns Jerusalem? Fighting for a place of longing (German)
Arte, December 2017 

Tavor, Israeli, and Aneen, Palestinian, go to the same school (French)
Liberation, December 2017

After high school, teens around the world share hopes and fears
ABC Australia, December 2017 

Against all odds, this school brings Israelis and Palestinians together
The London Globalist, December 2017

The Life-Sized City: Tel Aviv (only available to watch in Canada)
TVO, December 2017 

Jewish and Arab students cross cultural boundaries at model Jerusalem school
Haaretz, September 2017 

The Bilingual School: Two languages, two cultures, two teachers in each class (Hebrew)
The Marker, September 2017 

These kids know that they are together, that they are equal (Hebrew)
Yediot Aharonot, September 2017 

Many Israelis are trying to learn Arabic language (Hebrew)
Globes, September 2017 

Goodbye to the Jewish-Arab school that taught me hope
+972, September 2017 

Welcome to First Grade - Welcome to Coexistence (Hebrew)
Yediot Aharonot, August 2017 

Integration begins in the classroom (Swedish)
Radical Forum (Swedish liberal youth magazine), June 2017 

Hand in Hand seeks shared society of Arabs, Jews
Canadian Jewish News, June 2017 

The friendship between Lina and Maya, mothers from Jerusalem (Arabic)
Al Youm Show, May 2017 

On the Nation-State Bill and Arabic learning (Hebrew)
Mekomit, May 2017 

This is how they marked Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) in the Hand in Hand School (Hebrew), April 2017 

Teaching About the Holocaust in an Arab-Jewish School 
+972, April 2017 

Peace When Jews and Arabs Educate Their Children Together
Jerusalem Post, March 2017 

Two Years After Arson Attack, Integrated Jewish-Arab Schools See Enrollment Boom​
I24news, March 2017

Israeli schools build bridges between Jews and Arabs 
St. Louis Jewish Light, February 2017

Video Side By Side, A School for Peace 
NRK, February 2017

The School that Unites Jewish and Arab Children
Reader's Digest UK, December 2016

Video Erica op Reis: Israel (story on Hand in Hand in Dutch News, starting at 34:58 of the video) 
NPO TV Network, December 2016

Weather, Not Arabs, Caused Israel's Forest Fires
The New York Jewish Week, December 2016

War for Co-existence
Yediot Ahranot, November 2016

Video Jewish-Arab School and Bilingual Education Experience: Mohammed Marzouk 
Musawa Channel, October 2016

Click here for media coverage of the Arson Attack on November 30th, 2014.  

Opinion Are Israel's Jewish-Arab Coexistance Schools Setting Kids Up For a Cruel Fall?  
Haaretz, September 2016

School for Arab Israeli students a shelter of calm coexistence amid geopolitical storm
The Jerusalem Post, September 2016

How Carlos Santana is helping to promote coexistence in Israel
Al-Monitor August 2016

Jump in applicaitons to mixed-faith Jewish and Arab school
the July 2016

Teaching Coexistence in Israel - A nonprofit organization's idea of learning two perspectives gains momentum 
U.S. News & World Report, June 2016

Perché le autorità palestinesi rifiutano il dialogo con Israele (Italian)
Corriere del Ticino, March 2016

Opinion: Pope Francis, a Montreal Rabbi and the importance of bridge building
Montreal Gazette March 2016

Organization's mission is to create a cohesive Isreali Society 
South Florida Sun Sentinel, March 2016

Opinion: Why I met with Pope Francis
The Times of Israel, March 2016

Video U.S. Ambassador to U.N. Samantha Power visits Jerusalem students   
i24 News, February 2016

US envoy to UN skewers world body for anti-Israel bias
The Times of Israel, February 2016March

The Fight for Equal Education in Israel 
Al Jazeera, February 2016

Montreal Rabbi to Meet Pope to Further Arab-Jewish Ties
Canadian Jewish News, February 2016

Supreme Court Stiffens Jail Sentence for Bilingual School Arsonists  
Haaretz, January, 2016

Opinion Where Will the Children Go?
The Times of Israel, January, 2016

Hebrew-Arabic Bilingual School in Wadi Ara (French/Video)
i24 News, November 2015

Israeli jailed for arson attack on bilingual Jerusalem School
Middle East Eye, December 2015

A deux voix pour prep arer la paix
Terre Sainte Magazine (French), November 2015 

CG Jerusalem Unveils Collaborative Mural
State Magazine, July/August 2015

Arab-Jewish preschool an island of sanity amid violence, parents say,
USA Today, October 2015

Opinion Bilinguial Education Is the Key to Our Children's Future,
The Times of Israel, October 2015

Opinion An oasis of hope amidst the turmoil 
Jewish Journal, 2015

NYC Mayor De Blasio in Yad Vashem: Attacks by Palestinians Against Israelis 'Must End' (photo at Hand in Hand)
Haaretz, October 2015

New York mayor visits Israel on 'solidarity' mission
The Times of Israel, October 2015

Mayor deBlasio, Visiting Jerusalem, Hears From All Sides of Region's Conflct
The New York Times, October 2015

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio Begins 3 Day Visit to Israel
ABC7 NY, October 2015

DeBlasio urges peace in Tel Aviv (photos of Hand in Hand)
New York Post, October 2015

Video NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio on Israel violence during visit, October 2015 

Mayor deBlasio Touts Tolerence While Meeting with Arab and Jewish Students Near Jerusalem
Time Warner Cable News NY1, October 2015

Israel-based educators study Austin schools for peace project
Austin American Statesman, October 2015

A Lesson in Bilingual Education
The Austin Chronicle, October 2015

Schools engage three faiths in Israel
The Christian Century, August 2015

President Rivlin hosts Hand in Hand summer camp students (Arabic)
Panet, August 2015

Mixed Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem targeted with racist comment on Waze
The Jerusalem Post, August 2015

Jewish-Arab School in Jerusalem targeted on Google map app
Financial Times -, August 2015

An Inclusive Stream Rises In Israel
The Jewish Week: New York, July 2015

Jerusalem bilingual school arsonists given heavy sentence  
Ha'aretz, July 2015

Teaching tolerance: Five Israeli schools unite Jews and Palestinians
Ma'an News Agency, July 2015

 Anti-Arab graffiti found near Jerusalem Bi-lingual school
Ha'aretz, June 2015

Racist vandals again strike Jerusalem Jewish-Arab School
The Times of Israel June 2015

Radio: Bridging the gap between the Jewish and Arab communities in Israel 
The Tommy Schnumacher Show, Montreal May 2015 

Berkeley's Rebecca Bardach builds bilingual schools for Jews and Arabs in Israel June 2015

When setting fire to a bilingual school is no longer "racist"  

+972 April 2015


Textbooks: A school in Jertusalem Bridges the Gap between Jews and Arabs (Dutch)  

Het Parool Magazine April 2015


Brothers take plea deal for arson at bilingual school
The Times of Israel April 2015

Two suspects confess to arson at Jerusalem Jewish-Arab school
Haaretz April 2015

You can't tear us apart, February 2015

Bilingual Arabic-Hebrew 1st-Grade class to open in Jaffa
Ha'aretz, February 2015

Video: Interview with Hand in Hand parents in Jaffa  
Seder yom, Reshet Bet, Israeli TV

OPINION: Bilingualism in Jaffa: Is it Arabic or Persian?
Haokets, February 2015

Bilingual education is like ABC: Education crisis in Jaffa  
Haokets, February 2015

Why is it so hard for the authorities to support bilingual schools?  
Ha'aretz, February 2015

Demand for Bilingual School in Jaffa 
Israel Social TV, February 2015 

The Municipality is preventing  us from continuing to build a school for our children
Ha'aretz, February 2015

Hanukkah Express: Embassy rushes menorahs to D.C. (page 13)
State Magazine, February 2015

Tel Aviv backtracks, will not open bilingual school in Jaffa  
Ha'aretz, January 2015 

Prime Ministers wife Ms Abe visited Jewish - Palestinian "coexistence" school (Japanese)  
Mainichi, January 2015 

Paz Cohen: The events in Jerusalem give us strength to build more bilingual schools (Arabic) 
Bokra, January 2015

Hand in Hand: Israelis and Arabs learn together
Intermounain Jewish News, January 2015

VIDEO Tree of Life, We Refuse to be Enemies (Portugese with Hebrew subtitles) 
Globo TV (Brazil), January 2015

Araber und Juden in Israel: Uns bringt ihr nicht auseinander / Arabs and Jews in Israel: We do not take her apart (German)
Zeit Online, January 2015

OPINION Some Hopeful News for a New Year, January 2015

Bilingual education in Israel faces challenges
YNet News/the Media Line, January 2015

After Attack on Arab-Jewish School. "I Have to Keep Fighting For It"
States Institute of Peace December 2014

Standing Together: Pupils at Hand in Hand Schools continue their education in the face of adversity
Jerusalem Post magazine, December 2014

Delad Skola Med / Shared School (Swedish)
Goteborgs-Posten (GP), December 2014

Freden Som Mal / Peace as the Goal (Swedish)
Goteborgs-Posten (GP), December 2014

OPINION How an Israeli and a Palestinian ended up lighting Obama's Menora
+972, December 2014 

Jerusalem school sends message of peace
MSNBC, December 2014

Jerusalem school hit by arson attack creates menorah used at White House Hanukka event
The Jerusalem Post, December 2014

Arab-Jewish school's Menorah lights up White House Hanukkah party  
The Times of Israel, December 2014

Israel slowly reducing 'seperation barriers' between Arabs, Jews in education, report finds
Jerusalem Post, December 2014 

Amid Rising Tensions, Arab-Jewish School in Jerusalem Struggles for Balance
Global Jewish News Source, November 2014

Israeli Schools Promote Jewish-Arab Co-Existence 
Canadian Jewish News, November 2014

Teaching Co-Existece in Israeli Schools,
the Voice of Israel, Jerusalem Diaries, November 2014

Mom sees hope in Arab-Jewish School
New Jersey Jewish News, October 2014

BLOG Don't Walk Away: An Entreaty from Jewish and Arab Israelis 
Ruth Ebenstein, September 2014 

As Conflict Hovers, Bilingual School Says It's Not Just a Marginal Trend 
Ha'aretz, September 2014

Channel 23, September 2014 
Israel Broadcasting Authority, September 2014
El Pais, September 2014
The Times of Israel, August 2014
The New York Times, August 2014
IRIN (UN Humanitarian News), July 2014
The Guardian, July 2014


PRI, July 2014 



Al Monitor, April 2014
Tedx @ Malibu, February 2014

Extending His Hand: The Hand In Hand Bilingual School is Hoping to Host the Pope (Hebrew)
Maariv, February 2014

PBS, February 2014

Peace is Learned in School (Portuguese)    
Revista, January 2014

Haifa Refuses to Recognize Jewish-Arab Preschool  (Hebrew)          
Maariv, January 2014        

In Divided Jerusalem, a School Bridges Boundaries Between Young Israeli Arabs and Jews

Tablet, November 2013
Education Channel, October 2013 
Daily News: An Interview With Moran Ofek Director of the Haifa Kindergarten (Hebrew)
Channel 10 News, October 2013

 An Israeli Thanksgiving        

The Jerusalem Post, August 2013

Hand in Hand (Hebrew) 
Israel Social TV, August 2013

Three Jerusalem Events the World Won't See, But Should
Haaretz, May 2013

In Some Israeli Schools, It's Arabic in First Period and Hebrew in Second
The Atlantic, April 2013

Modeling Coexistence in Israeli Classrooms
New Jersey Jewish News, March 2013

OPINION We Are All The Other
The Jewish Week, February 2013

When a Vision of Togetherness is a Lonely Journey
The TImes of Israel, October 2013

Bilingual Education Flourishes in Israel, But Only in Cities
HA’ARETZ, October 2013

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Living Through Conflict, Living Together
Galus Australis: Jewish Life in the Antipodes, November 2012

After Attacks, Israeli Schools Confront Hate
The New York Times, August 2012

'Hand in Hand' in Israel
The Jewish Voice & Herald, August 2012

Skype Interview: Austin Baptists Support Peacemaking in Israel, July 2012

Bilingual Education Strengthens Jewish-Arab Relations
The Jerusalem Post, June 2012

School Shows It's OK for Jewish, Arab Students to Have Differences
JTA News Service, April 2012

Bridging the Gap In Israel
The Knox Student, April 2012

Traveling 'Hand in Hand' Toward a Better Future
MinnPost, February 2012

'Come Learn With Us,' Says Coexistence Principal to Vandals
The Jerusalem Post, February 2012

Jerusalem Monastery, Jewish-Arab School Defaced in Suspected 'Price Tag' Attack'
Haaretz, February 2012

Living Peace by Learning "Hand in Hand"
JUF News, January 2012

OPINION Dreams of Integration
Haaretz, January 2012

The Bilingualist (profile of cofounder Amin Khalaf)
The Jerusalem Post Magazine, November 2011

Hand in Hand Promotes Peace Education in Israel
Southwest Community Connection, November 2011

Jewish, Arab Students in Israel Learn Hand-in-Hand
San Antonio Express-News, October 2011

OPINION Riding the School Bus Together in Jerusalem
Common Ground News Service, July 2011

Shakira in Israel to Promote Education Campaign, June 2011

OPINION On Remembrance and Hope for Peace and Equality
Haaretz, May 2011

FRENCH Enfants Juifs, Musulmans et Chretiens a L'ecole de la Paix
Le Monde, March 2011

Jewish, Arab Students Talk Friendship
Jewish Review, November 2010

OPINION Borderline Views: Educating for Tolerance
The Jerusalem Post, November 2010

Israeli Youth Spread Message of Peace with Portland Peers
The Oregonian, April 2010

Jewish and Arab School Friends Just Get Along 
New Jersey Jewish Press, May 2009


The Hand in Hand School: Modeling Multiculturalism 
PresenTense magazine, June 2009

If the Government Won't, the People Will
The Huffington Post, May 2009

Quiet Revolution on the Playground
BBC World Service, February 2009

Love, Tolerance Go Hand in Hand at Israeli Schools
Toronto Star, November 2008

In Israel, A First Attempt at High School Integration
The Christian Science Monitor, October 2008

TV CLIP CNN, April 2008

Jewish Journal, April 2008

An Officer and a Lady
The Jewish News, April 2008

Back-to-Back Openings for Hand in Hand?
Jerusalem Post, March 2008

TV CLIP BBC Radio, January 2008

 Brighter Future for Arabs and Jews in the School that Teaches Peace
The Guardian, October 2007

Peace Studies: Children of Israel
The Independent, October 2007

Jerusalem's Hebrew-Arabic School Teaches Tolerance
Reuters, October 2007

No Jews and Arabs, Just Hebrew and Arabic
Haaretz, September 2007

Jerusalem School Teaches Arab/Jewish Kids About the War
Detroit Jewish News, June 2007

The Children's Revolution
Der Spiegel, November 2006

Breaking New Ground in Jerusalem
Haaretz, April 2006

School Bridges Jerusalem's Big Divide
Jewish Chronicle, April 2006


Arab-Jewish Kindergarten is Bubble Among Be'er Sheva Social Troubles
Haaretz, March 2009


Jewish and Arab Children Learn 'Hand in Hand'
ISRAEL21c, September 2006

The Jew Comes to Learn From the Arab — And It Works
Haaretz, September 2005

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