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Meet the new Co-Chairs of Hand in Hand’s Board of Directors: Reem Younis and Eylon Penchas

Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel is delighted to announce the appointment of new Co-Chairs to our Board of Directors: Reem Younis and Eylon Penchas!

Reem and Eylon replace outgoing Co-Chairs Jawad Boulus and Hagai Shmueli, who will continue to serve as members of the Hand in Hand board. We would like to take this opportunity to heartily thank Jawad and Hagai for their leadership through a period of success, growth, and widening societal impact at Hand in Hand. We appreciate their contributions and the leadership that they modeled as Board Chairs. We would like to especially acknowledge the many years of service given by Jawad, who served as Board Chair for over a decade, and contributed greatly to developing and formalizing direction and policy at Hand in Hand.

Meet the new Co-Chairs of Hand in Hand’s Board of Directors:

Reem Younis, a resident of Nazareth, founded Alpha Omega Ltd. in 1993, a leading company in the medical technology field. A year later she created Alpha-CAD Ltd., later selling it in 2003 in what became her first major exit sale. Reem serves on the boards of the Van Leer Institute, Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel, MEET, and Co-Impact: the Partnership for a Breakthrough in Arab Employment. She also serves on the board of the New Israel Fund, a leading foundation supporting human rights and shared society organizations. Reem holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology.

Eylon Penchas, a resident of Herzliya, is the founding partner of Israel Legacy Partners, an affiliate of Viola, Israel’s leading private tech investment group. He has worked and led in the field of private and public investment for the past 25 years. Eylon also serves as Board Chair of Ogen Social Bonds, a subsidiary of the Ogen nonprofit group working to expand equal opportunity in the financial sector. Eylon holds a BA in Economics and an MBA with specialization in Finance and Marketing from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Reem and Eylon, we wish you and all of us much success!


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