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Mohamad Kundos, Principal of the Hand in Hand Kfar Saba School, Interviewed on Kan11 Channel

Principal of the Hand in Hand Kfar Saba School, Mohamad Kundos, appeared on the Kan11 program “Culture Agent” to discuss some of the differences between Arab and Jewish public schools, and how Hand in Hand schools deal with conflict by leaning into tension, and never shying away from uncomfortable conversations in the classroom, teaching students to adopt complex worldviews, and overcome fear of “the other.”

“[At Hand in Hand] we do not ignore tension, and we do not ignore complexity. The “Aleph Beit” school, which is run by Hand in Hand, plainly states its political and social agenda. We want all of our students, grades 1-12, to talk about politics, and understand other narratives. In twenty years, these children will become leaders who can bring about a political solution.” — Mohamad Kundos on Kan11


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