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Olive Festivals in Jaffa and the Galilee

In early November 2017, our schools in Jaffa and the Galilee celebrated the olive harvest season.

In the Galilee community, hundreds of Arab and Jewish families came together in the stormy weather to pick and pickle olives. After lunch together, they enjoyed a concert with musicians playing recycled instruments and the children spread out to enjoy crafts with olives. The Jewish-Arab Galilee circus held a performance for the guests, and Women Wage Peace also paid a visit to talk about Piece for Peace, an international project where they are creating a giant quilt expressing the desire for peace in our region. Each person got a patch of fabric, and created their own personal vision for peace.

In Jaffa, community members, parents and children came to the multicultural celebration of the olive harvest. The kindergarten students had been learning and creating projects about olive trees, nature, and harvest and this was also a chance for them to share what they’ve been learning.


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