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Outdoor Excursions

In the preschool, the students are taken on trips every 1-2 weeks to enhance their Project Based Learning, and engage with the surrounding Haifa community. The children visit the science museum, local playgrounds, and take a ride on the monorail. One particularly successful trip was a visit to the regional courthouse, where our kindergarten class met one of the Judges. In preparation for the visit, children learned about what courts do and the basic principles of democracy and justice.  

As part of our Haifa curriculum’s outdoor excursions, we also facilitate families, both Jewish and Arab, to invite one another to festive meals and celebrations in their respective homes. This allows our parent community to learn about one another’s cultures in a more personal setting. Together, the community have hiked the Nesher Bridge Park, and Carmel Mountain Trails, tours Akko and visited other surrounding villages. Community members have even organised a trip to Jordan.

The Jewish and Arab families returned feeling closer to one another, sharing how much they felt that the trip had impacted their relationships: a trip that was only made possible by the work of Hand in Hand.


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