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Thousands Gather to Protest the Nation-State Law

Thousands of Jews and Arabs gathered in central Tel Aviv, standing up for shared living and against the Nation-State Law.

Hand in Hand community staff planned and executed the event, which included the biggest public Arabic lesson in Israeli history, and performances by well-known Arab and Jewish musicians, like Mira Awad and Ahinoam Nini.

The event was created in partnership with other shared society organizations: Sikkuy, Givat Haviva, The Abraham Fund, Wahat al-Salam – Neve Shalom, Omdim Beyachad, and the New Israel Fund. We are grateful to have partners in this work of building an equal future for all Israeli citizens – we are stronger together.

“As a citizen of this country, this law makes me feel that I’m outside the circle, that the government and this country see me as a second-class citizen. As a father, what do I tell my kids? They grew up in Hand in Hand, learning that everybody should be equal, and I don’t have a good answer as to why this is happening. That’s why I’m here this evening: to show that there are Arabs and Jews who are against this, who believe in equality, and who have come to make their voices heard.”

– Mohamad Marzouk, Hand in Hand father and Director of the Communities Department

“When the Nation-State Law was passed, our community organizers got messages asking: “Aren’t we going to do something about this?” This law hurts the very basics of what are building every day: equality and cooperation. We understood that we need to contribute to this conversation and not stand by and allow this to happen. Now, looking around here at all these people feels amazing, and exciting. We are not alone in this movement, and this is just the beginning.”

– Merav Ben-Nun, Hand in Hand mother and Deputy Director of the Communities Department


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