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Karni Lifshitz


Karni Lifshitz is the community organizer for the Hand in Hand Kfar Saba school, which is located on the Beit Berl campus. As part of her role, Karni plans and organizes activities for the community’s parents, students, and families, who primarily reside in Kfar Saba, Ra’anana, Tayibe, and Tira. She also promotes cooperation between the school and other local organizations and institutions in order to advance shared society in the central “Triangle” region.

In addition to her community organizing, Karni is an artist, and has worked as a restorative art instructor, a counselor for at-risk youth and adults with special needs, and as a facilitator for women’s groups.

Karni lives with her family in Sdei-Hemed, and her son attends 4th grade at the Hand in Hand Kfar Saba school.


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