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Mohamad Marzouk

Mohamad is a prominent thought leader in the area of Jewish-Palestinian relations and shared society. A lifelong shared society activist, Mohamad’s involvement in the field began in his university years. Since that time, Mohamad has led the establishment of major projects, including the founding of Hand in Hand’s school in the town of Kafr Qara and the launch of Hand in Hand’s Communities Department. Under Mohamad’s leadership, the Communities Department secured a major partnership with USAID that lasted a decade and enabled Hand in Hand to grow its grassroots work to a reach of 10,000 individuals. In March 2021, Mohamad became Hand in Hand’s first Director of Growth Initiatives, leading the development and roll out of Hand in Hand’s multi-year strategic plan. Mohamad also oversees all dialogue activities, a central component of Hand in Hand’s theory of change and work.

Prior to joining Hand in Hand, Mohamad founded and led Shatil’s office in Israel’s Triangle region.


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