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Moran Ofek

Moran has been involved in education and social change for much his life. He has worked as an educator and director of educational teams in youth movements, in projects of empowering youth at risk, working with refugee groups and leading Jewish and Arab youth dialogue groups.
Moran has been part of the Hand in Hand organization for the past 10 years. In 2011, as an active volunteer, he joined a group of Haifa parents and educators who were the founders of kindergartens and the bilingual school in the city, two years later he became the kindergarten director and led their growth and establishment of the bilingual track at the school. Moran moved to the association’s pedagogy department, where he led a process of research and development in the field of language teaching in Hand in Hand schools. In 2020, Moran ran the bilingual school in Beit Berl as a deputy, and from July 2021 he joined the management team as the association’s operations manager.
Moran lives in Haifa with his wife and son, he has a bachelor’s degree in education from Beit Berl College, a master’s degree in sociology of education from Tel Aviv University and he is studying for another master’s degree in multilingual education at Tel Aviv University.


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