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Shada Edress Mansour

Shada is the Director of the Communities Department at Hand in Hand.

A founding parent of the Kfar Saba “Aleph Beit” school, Shada was appointed community organizer in 2016. That year, her daughter Nai began attending the Kfar Saba preschool, and now attends the elementary school.

Shada was involved in a variety of projects as part of her role in the communities department, including the Hand in Hand alumni forum, launching Hand in Hand’s first ever Jewish-Arab university-based student community, and establishing Hand in Hand’s shared community in Hof HaCarmel. She first served as Deputy Director of the Community Department, and later on, was appointed Director of the Community Department. As part of her current role, Shada leads the communities department, managing all six community organizers across the country. She also oversees the alumni community, the student community, and Hand in Hand’s Madrase program.

Shada was born and raised in Tayibeh, obtained her undergraduate degree in optometry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is currently completing an MA in public policy at Tel Aviv University. Prior to joining Hand in Hand, she worked as an optometrist, and managed several “Optica” branches over the course of 7 years.

You can read more about Shada’s story here.


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