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Sigalit Givon-Fadida

Sigalit is a clinical child psychologist with decades of experience in education, therapy, and social change. She began as the Hand in Hand Jaffa Preschool Director Septemeber 2018. 

In her early career, Sigalit worked as a clinical and educational psychologist in a Jerusalem Preschool and elementary school. She was also part of founding a preschool for refugee chlidren in Saloniki. 

Sigalit also has over 20 years of experience in the world of Jewish-Arab dialogue as a dialogue facilitator, organizational consultant, project manager, as well as a facilitation trainer in Neve Shalom, Sikkuy, and many other organizations. Sigalit speaks, reads, and writes fluent Arabic in addition to English and Hebrew, her mother tongue. 

She also has extensive experience working closely with the Israeli Ministry of Education, as the Director of Educational Training for Social Education in the city of Holon where she has lead many trainings for teachers and developed educational content. In the few years before she joined Hand in Hand, Sigalit worked as the Director of the Community Advocacy Organization in Lod, and has lead other community building projects in East Jerusalem. 

Sigalit has a BA in Psychology from Hebrew University and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Bar Ilan University. She grew up in Jerusalem in a Jewish Morrocan-Iraqi family, and now lives in Jaffa with her husband and three children. 


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